I’m really excited to let you know I am partnering with DinnerCall!  Their mission is to bring families together and to truly talk over dinner. Turn off the tv (I know, I know, I was on tv 😉 so that sounds funny coming from me) and to talk to your family about your day, your weekend, a movie star, a song or anything!  They even have a cool app in case you need a few fun conversation starters.  It’s great!  You can learn more about it at BillionDinners.org


Each week during the holiday season I am going to bring you and your family ideas and tips about how to get your family engaged in the kitchen.  I’m going to show you how to get your kids in the kitchen with you. (They can do it!) and together, we’re all going to have dinner to help achieve 1,000,000,000 dinners.  Look at alllllll those zeros!!!!  I love it!  So let’s have family dinner, because eating dinner as a family is a good thing.


The first tip to help get your kids in the kitchen is just in time for Thanksgiving:  Learn a Family recipe.  A few years ago my Grandmother taught me her Apple Crisp.  Now I’m in charge of it for all of the holidays and she just gets to enjoy having her family make it for her.  I’m proud to make it for her and continue the family tradition.  What recipe to you love to eat and can you learn?

Dinnercall Apple Pie